Ankara has started to become a center of attraction with its rapidly growing volume in recent years as a result of its economic and commercial structure. In parallel with this structure, it is moving towards becoming a brand city in the economy with its strong corporate structure which has become regional leaders. nkara has become the capital of the economy with its universities, global targets, leading firms in the industry and service sector, which give young, dynamic and productive managers to Turkey. Public authorities in addition to the sector infrastructure, as well as the academic sense of the developed infrastructure thanks to such an 11th International Energy Congress and Expo.
Ankara, located in the center of Turkey's Highway and railway network, is a very important commercial and industrial city.
Republic of Turkey Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, Energy Market Regulatory Authority, General Directorate of Mining and Exploration, Turkish Atomic Energy Authority Presidency, General Directorate of Renewable Energy, Privatization Administration, Electricity Generation Inc.S. General Directorate, Turkey Electricity Generation ManufacturingS.General Directorate, Turkey Electricity Transmission A.S. Turkey Electricity Trade Taahut A.S. General Directorate, Botaş Pipelines and Petroleum Transport A. Ş,  General Directorate of Turkish Petroleum Corporation, General Directorate of Turkish Coal Enterprises Corporation, General Directorate of Turkish Coal Institution, General Directorate of Mining Enterprises, General Directorate of State Hydraulic are all located in Ankara, as is the Central Office of the leading institutions of the sector such as the Ministry of Environment and urbanism in Ankara. It is a very important trade and industrial city.all