EIF 2018 - 11th International Energy Congress and Exhibition will be held between the dates of November, 8-9, 2018. In addition The B2B Meetings will focus on two topics, technology transfer and foreign investors as stated in the “project description” chapter.The main issues of technology transfer are solar panel production, energy storage systems, cleantech.

And its aim is to get together the all companies to meet with around 30 companies within the Ostim Energy Cluster, covering the Middle East and North African countries on the topics mentioned in the “project scope” section of European technology SME-style organizations and to be finalized afterwards.
In particular, in the Middle East and North Africa, Iran, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar countries in their own countries, solar energy, wind energy investment in the investment of investors or equipment is in the stage of the procurement of projects is to adjust negotiations.
The information of the companies that will participate in our EIF BRIDGE event will be announced on October 10, 2018, in cooperation with Ostim Energy Clustering.